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1. Overview
2. Features
3. Why VarNik Virtual Email ?

     VarNik Email Solutions is as easy to use as it is effective. You are the sole controller for your email communication. Our email solution enables our customers to easily begin using the service without any additional hardware or software. Also we monitor the bounce rates ad adjusts the service parameters of our customer's email delivery to ensure that the bounce rate stay at minimum. We help you eliminate the traditional cost and complexity of on-site controllers.

1. Overview

Fully Managed
      With 24*7*365 support and email experts available on call for guiding you in managing your email boxes you don't have to anymore worry about infrastructure maintenance.

AnyWhere Access
      With the provided support in web, outlook and mobile, access your email anywhere, anytime.

High-Touch SLA
      All devices include our Managed Service Level, which comes with 100% network uptime guarantee.

Spam, Phishing and Virus Protection
      Different techniques which not only block spam, phishing and virus emails, but also ensures the delivery of good email.

2. Features

      You can create and manage multiple personal and shared calendars, set reminders and recurrences.

      Create multiple task lists featuring individual action items with completion dates. You can keep track of task status from the update section of the tasks.

      VarNik Email Solutions provides you the solution to make quick notes and attach them to the email. Once you attach a Sticky Notes, it will automatically pop-up that notes next time you re-open that email.

3. Why VarNik Virtual E-Mail ?
     Enjoy the advantage of the powerful communication with VarNik Email Solutions. Couple the email solutions along with our fanatical support, you get to enjoy all the essential email features like calendaring, email collaboration, contacts and tasks features.

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