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3. Why VarNik Virtual Storage ?

   Virtual Database is a container for components which can be integrated and accessed as a whole through single and uniform API. VDB has models which define the structural characteristics of data sources, views and web services. With VarNik VDB solutions, you don't have to worry about deployment or management of DB.

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Fully Managed
   With 24*7*365 support and database specialists available on call for guiding you in managing your application you don't have to anymore worry about infrastructure maintenance.

High Performance
   High speed networking provides uninterrupted communication between your database and other servers.

High-Touch SLA
   All devices include our Managed Service Level, which comes with 100% network uptime guarantee.

    Redundant storage, power, and networking protect you from hardware failures, and synchronous data replication with automatic failover keeps your data available across multiple storage clusters.

2. Features

Everything You Need
   VarNik Virtual Database is everything you need for your personal and business use. Intended to support all your modern requirements.

Simplified Management
   Create, modify, delete and manage performance optimized instances of MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle Server using our Cloud Control Panel, CLI, or API.

3. Why VarNik Virtual Database ?

Fast,Durable and Consistent Data Performance
   iSCSI-based storage volumes provide scalable, highly available storage that synchronously replicates across available storage clusters. Failover is automatic, and I/O is performance-optimized using local and network RAID 10.

Container Isolation
   Container-based virtualization enables your database to run at near bare-metal speeds, while isolating CPU, memory, network, and I/O resources.

Manage Backups and Restores
   On-demand backup and restore operations are supported for the DB storage engines. We use a hot copy of all databases on your instance, with the resulting files stored in VMWare Datastore.

Automatic Software Patching
   We will make sure that the relational database software powering your deployment stays up-to-date with the latest patches.

Automated Backups
   Turned on by default, the automated backup feature of VarNik DB enables point-in-time recovery for your DB Instance. VarNik DB will backup your database and transaction logs and store both for a user-specified retention period. This allows you to restore your DB Instance to any second during your retention period, up to the last five minutes. Your automatic backup retention period can be configured up to five days.

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