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VarNik Cloud - VDI plans are easy to manage. Using Linked-Clone technology, install patches and software on just one image, and every desktop in your environment is immediately upgraded. Have the system automatically create new desktops when users join your organization.

Deliver a Better Desktop Experience

Configure your servers with between 1 and 8 2.53 Ghz virtual CPUs, shared on hosts operating, on average, below 30% CPU utilization. Provision VMs with up to 16 GB of RAM. Other features include: Virtual KVM, Virtual CD/DVD & Floppy, and Virtual Power Buttons. These features let you stay in control just like you were sitting in front of a physical server.

With VarNik Cloud Virtual’s Server, you are always protected. Our revolutionary Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.)TM, with features like a clustered NetApp SAN with RAID-DP, VMware HA clustering, and clustered enterprise firewalls, guarantees 100% uptime. We also backup your servers nightly by taking application-consistent snapshots.

VarNik Cloud Virtual consistently monitors every server in our environment and alerts you when your server is exceeding operational norms. We provide you with 24/7 service and guarantee incredible performance for your Cloud Server.

The desktops are delivered from high- availability VarNik Cloud data center clusters, which ensure a LAN-like user experience.

With the virtualization of desktops, employees are freed from being tied down to a location. Some might work from the main office using their own devices, while others work from home on their laptops. Or, if many of your employees are in remote locations, they can each use their mobile devices and collaborate in real-time.

At the same time, enterprises minimize the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure. PCs can be repurposed and used for longer periods of time, or replaced with thin clients. Cooling and power requirements at the premises are low because the equipment resides in data centers.

Overall, moving from traditional to virtual desktops improves manageability, increases reliability, enhances security, and reduces costs. Commute times are reduced or eliminated, while data security is maintained and policy compliance is improved. Only keystrokes and screen updates traverse the network; access policies, encrypted connections and passwords further enhance security. Your overall cost is greatly reduced because you leverage the economy of scale that comes from using a shared infrastructure. Uninterrupted service is virtually guaranteed, with 24x7 support from our team, who constantly monitor the service.

VarNik Cloud Seamless Desktop Virtualization Service

Physical desktops are resource-heavy, difficult to maintain, and limit mobility. Organizations need dedicated IT staff just to keep their desktops in good running order. Scalability is a problem; upgrades are usually wasteful. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becomes more common, traditional desktops make even less business sense. The obvious answer is a virtual desktop environment.

Options of Services
FeaturesOptions Applicable
End-to-End Desktop DeliverySupported
Printing ServicesSupported
Operating SystemWindows 7 / XP , Linux, or any other as per request
Processing Power (vCPU)Single core to 8 cores
RAM1 GB to 32 GB
Storage100 GB to Unlimited
Desktop / Office Productivity SuiteMS Office Enterprise, IE8, Adobe Reader, Flash, others
Additional Productivity SuiteMS Office Professional, MS Access 2010, MS Visio, others
Application Delivery SupportedAny customer applications: Business-class / enterprise / custom Antivirus and malware protection

Virtualizing desktops means replacing physical desktops with Virtual Machines running on a centralized server. Your users can access the desktops (with the data, applications, and everything on it) from any location, using any device and browser. Laptop, desktop computer, iPad, PC, Mac, mobile handset, Firefox, Chrome, Safari everything’s supported!

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