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With our unique VarNik Cloud VDI plan, your organization can give each user or power user their own Virtual Dedicated Desktop. The plan includes redundant Active Directory Controllers (for security) and a Virtual Dedicated File Server (for store and share your files).

Your users will get the finest desktop experience using features like:

  • Multimedia Acceleration
  • Universal USB
  • Text Echo
  • Universal Print Driver
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Graphics Acceleration
  • Bi-Directional Audio
  • Remote Scan

VarNik Cloud - VDI plans are easy to manage. Using Linked-Clone technology, install patches and software on just one image, and every desktop in your environment is immediately upgraded. Have the system automatically create new desktops when users join your organization.

Benefits of VDI
How students can benefit from Virtual Desktop infrastructure

VDI solutions are popping up all over the place these days. Many students are considering VDI, running pilots and trying to figure out the cost savings and advantages over traditional desktop or laptop. Here are just few ways that students can benefit from using VDI solution:
Flexibility - While colleges often want to provide a standard computing environment, there is a need to customize individual systems for specific needs.

Mobility - With students learning in remote locations or in online environments, the ability to access the virtual desktop environment from any location is key. VDI moves desktop computing into the data center where it can be consumed from anywhere and across a variety of devices, including mobile devices such as iPads.

Extended hardware life - A VDI solution has the potential to extend the life of current hardware.

Better security - Using VDI solution data will be secured within the data center. All computing, processing and data storage happens in and stays in the data center.

For the systems based on the VDI solution, operating system upgrades are easy and free of cost.

Power Savings - With no moving parts, terminals generally require a fraction of the power of laptop or desktop. Servers and storage offset some of this power savings, but it’s important to do the math to see where you fall.
Longer Hardware Life - Although some terminals may cost as much as or even more than a laptop or desktop, their life is generally longer since there are no moving parts.

Many clients on a fewer data center servers - With centralized high power servers supporting 40 to 50 virtual desktops per server, there is a cost saving which will be passed on to the students.
Labor Savings - Using VDI solution, there can be a tremendous laptop or desktop maintenance work will be reduced and our 7x25x365 support staff will be there to resolve and issues.

VarNik Cloud Seamless Desktop Virtualization Service

Physical desktops are resource-heavy, difficult to maintain, and limit mobility. Organizations need dedicated IT staff just to keep their desktops in good running order. Scalability is a problem; upgrades are usually wasteful. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becomes more common, traditional desktops make even less business sense. The obvious answer is a virtual desktop environment.

Options of Services
FeaturesOptions Applicable
End-to-End Desktop DeliverySupported
Printing ServicesSupported
Operating SystemWindows 7 / XP , Linux, or any other as per request
Processing Power (vCPU)Single core to 8 cores
RAM1 GB to 32 GB
Storage100 GB to Unlimited
Desktop / Office Productivity SuiteMS Office Enterprise, IE8, Adobe Reader, Flash, others
Additional Productivity SuiteMS Office Professional, MS Access 2010, MS Visio, others
Application Delivery SupportedAny customer applications: Business-class / enterprise / custom Antivirus and malware protection

Virtualizing desktops means replacing physical desktops with Virtual Machines running on a centralized server. Your users can access the desktops (with the data, applications, and everything on it) from any location, using any device and browser. Laptop, desktop computer, iPad, PC, Mac, mobile handset, Firefox, Chrome, Safari everything’s supported!

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