For those who don't want the space to be occupied by a computer or a laptop or those who don't want to use a larger laptop, then VarNik Mini PC is an ideal solution for them. Often based on laptop components, these machines don't take up much space and offer all the functionality of a standard PC. You can choose the application based on your business needs, be it Digital Signage or Virtual Learning Environment, we provide you with a miniPC.

Why VarNik Mini PC ?

   VarNik has designed an android mini PC device in such a way to deliver the functionality and reliability with 24/7 Digital Signage installations and Virtual Learning Environment. VarNik miniPCs are ideally suited for high end digital signage and extremely tailored training courses for educational institutions with the cost of ownership as low as possible.

   We make it so simple for you to turn your business in to pictures and showcase it to your customers. Let your pictures speak for you. Also our Software Professionals, Rich Media technology specialists and Graphic Visualizers put in their best efforts to create the learning environment that facilitates variety of activities for the students.

  • No wiring or mounting complications.
  • Automatic adjustment of video outputs.
  • Simple deployment and management.
  • Low cost.
  • Remotely control display settings.
  • Designed for long haul.

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Our VarNik Mini-Pc has diverse solutions for your Business Needs. We have Numerous customizable packages of various Business Verticals with unique solutions. For Best and Customizable Package Please Contact Our Sales Team at Because We Believe that our Every Customer is our Unique Asset for our Organization.
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Up Coming Products !!!!!!!!!
  • Varnik Virtual Learning Environment Mobile Application
  • Virtual DealerShip Management System
  • Virtual Hospital Management System
  • Stay Tuned for more Products
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