In today's diverse technology world, we are forced to keep abreast with constant stream of business and technological changes to stay ahead. Often this change is challenging for students as they are forced more than anyone else. And this challenge of staying ahead creates fear, uncertainty, doubt and stress.

      With our VarNik Virtual Learning Environment, we will help students better understand how to adapt to change and how they can enhance their resilience.

   VarNik E-Learning Courses :    Anytime, Anywhere. A convenient, efficient, and powerful investment in your institution, enhancing and leveraging the power of the prognostic growth for your institution.


      We specialize in creating innovative e-learning solutions which focus on custom courses that fit specific needs. With our profound expertise, we assure you that our framework will be cost effective, engaging and flexible learning experience.

We bestow various needs including :

    Academic :   Local and International Board, Vocational, Soft Skills, Games and Simulations.
    Higher Education :   Engineering, Medical, Soft Skills and Technology.

Our E-Learning Services :

Course Development :   Designing content delivery plans for structured learning outcomes using animation, graphics, pictures, video and audio content based on learner's requirements.

Course Enhancement :   We analyze the gap in the available course content and improve it with interactive learning environment.

Why VarNik Virtual Learning ?

Convenience : One of the key advantages of choosing e-learning over classroom learning is convenience. Students can learn whilst they are at home, in the library or on vacation.

Time Efficiency : E-Learning is time efficient as it eliminates the time you would need to spend on travel, introductions and breaks. E-Learning is therefore more time efficient as students can manage their own learning experience.

Accessibility : Access to online resources, lectures and other study material 24 hours a day and 7 days a week can be seen as another major advantage. Some professors and teachers may even tape their lectures, allowing students to listen to the entire lecture again, regardless of where they are located.

   Not only can these be accessed, students can also share their own findings with fellow students, permitting continuous synergy to be generated through the learning process.

Creativity : There is no doubt that creativity is important in teaching and some argue that e-learning facilitates greater creativity as ideas, resources, knowledge, understanding and skills can be shared easily, regardless of the location. Also, as students are more exposed to other students' ideas, there is room for new, innovative ideas to be created, which in turn can be used by the teacher to provide an example of students' work on the blog.

Take a look at what we do

Our VarNik Virtual Learning Environment has unique feature for your School / College, Students, Professors / Teachers. For Demo & Pricing for your unique Institution, Please Contact Our Sales Team at Sales@MSServicesInc.com Because We Believe that our Every Customer is our Unique Asset for our Organization.
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