VarNik incorporates the best of technology in the Video Surveillance field and offers fully integrated, cost effective, turn-key services second to none. Of course, stored or archived video can be viewed, retrieved, and delivered anywhere, anytime and also live viewing of the camera feeds through any Internet connection.

      In a world of diverse and complex risks, delivering effective security is a real challenge. And for the business knowing what's happening in and around the premises could make all the difference in the well-being of the business.

Why VarNik Surveillance ?

      Enjoy greater peace of mind with VarNik Video Surveillance that your business is safe and operations are running smoothly, wherever you go. VarNik Video Surveillance supports webcams and virtually any IP camera from any brand. We give you flexibility to combine the hardware of your choice and connect it to our service for cloud storage of video, mobile connectivity and a simple live viewing interface.

Benefits of Cloud Surveillance Hosting

  • No local DVR or NVR equipment.
  • No fear of data loss due to drive failure or theft.
  • No geographical limitation for cameras.
  • Scalable to unlimited cameras, video storage and user accounts.
  • Web access 24/7/365, from anywhere.
  • Multi-location monitoring from a single login.
  • Monitor live, playback and export security video.
  • Server or client side motion detection.
  • Managed cloud surveillance servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited helpdesk support.
  • Software is always up-to-date.

Take a look at what we do

Our VarNik Surveillance Monitor is available in various factors some of they are Cloud Storage with the DVR, Cloud Storage With Out DVR (NO Limitations of Camera) etc.,. For Pricing Please Please Contact Our Sales Team at Because We Believe that our Every Customer is our Unique Asset for our Organization
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Up Coming Products !!!!!!!!!
  • Varnik Virtual Learning Environment Mobile Application
  • Virtual DealerShip Management System
  • Virtual Hospital Management System
  • Stay Tuned for more Products
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